Q: How did you process the information?

A: We analyze earnings call transcripts with our proprietary prompts and natural language processing techniques. Earnings call transcripts are widely used as a rich source of company information.

Q: Is the information provided 100% accurate?

A: Using our proprietary prompts and natural language processing algorithm, we strive to provide as accurate information as possible. However, large language models are probabilistic in nature and their answers might contain errors. Furthermore, our answers are heavily based on the contents disclosed during earnings calls and may not necessarily reflect information available from other sources. Therefore, users are responsible for the use of our information.

Q: Can we use this data for academic purpose?

A: Yes you may but please use it at your own riskPlease cite our papers "Bloated Disclosures: Can Generative AI Help Investors Process Financial Information (Kim, Muhn, and Nikolaev 2023a)" and "From Transcripts to Insights: Uncovering Corporate Risks Using Generative AI (Kim, Muhn, and Nikolaev 2023b)" when you use this data for academic purpose. However, the information provided on this website may not be identical to the one we used in the two previous papers. GPT engine has been upgraded and our prompts are optimized for better readability. For bulk downloads, please fill this form and we will contact you individually.

Q: Can we use this data for commercial purpose?

A: This website is built for non-commercial use only. If you are interested in using our data for a commercial purpose, please contact us.

Q: Is this website free of charge?

A: Yes! We provide company insights produced with generative AI completely free-of-charge. However, in near future, we might update some customized AIs for users, which will incur some costs. Besides that, our main analysis will remain free-of-charge and be updated frequently.